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The terms: “broker” means the person and/or firm who is attempting to arrange finance on your behalf; “lender” includes a prospective lender from whom the broker seeks mortgage finance on your behalf, and includes banks, finance companies, lenders’ mortgage insurers and all other financial institutions and financing sources.

  1. The purpose of this privacy policy is to let users of (the “Site”) know when we collect personal information and what we do with it. We do not use, share or transfer personal information in connection with the Site except as set out in this policy.
Collection, storage and use
  1. Secure collection of information
    The Site uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. SSL technology enables encryption of sensitive information, including passwords and all other personal information, during your online activity. All pages and forms on the Site are secured with SSL technology.
  2. Your disclosure of personal information
    If you choose to use the Site you will need to disclose personal information when filling out the required fields. Such information will be viewable by staff of The Home Loan Shop Ltd.
  3. Completing an application
    In order to complete a loan application you will need to read, agree to and sign a declaration that states that the broker may give your personal information to a number of lenders. This information will not be given to any lenders or third parties if you do not sign and complete your application.
  4. If your appication is accepted by a lender
    If your loan application is successful the information will be used by the lender for the purpose of administering the loan, and by the lender and broker for administering any ongoing commission payments to the broker. If the broker has an arrangement with the lender that the lender will pay ongoing commission over the term of the loan, the lender will periodically disclose the loan balance to the broker. The broker and lender might also use your personal information for the purposes of market research and from time to time to notify you of products or services that may be of interest to you. The lender will, from time to time, make the information available to the Lender’s mortgage insurer (if any), any person with whom the Lender proposes to enter into contractual arrangements, any security trustee and any assignee or potential assignee of the Lender’s rights (“the Recipients”).
  5. Holding of information
    Personal information that you provide will be held by The Home Loan Shop Ltd, and will only be shared with third parties in the manner outlined above.
  6. Feedback
    Feedback is important and is used to evaluate and improve the Site. If you provide feedback on the Site directly to The Home Loan Shop Ltd via email, that feedback will be sent to appropriate Home Loan Shop staff and to website administrators where appropriate. This could include your email address and other identifying information.
Statistical information and cookies
  1. Statistical information collected
    We may collect statistical information about your visit to help us improve the Site. This information is aggregated and non-personally identifying. It includes: your IP address; the pages you accessed on our Site and the links you clicked on; the date and time you visited the site; the referring site (if any) through which you clicked through to this Site; your operating system (e.g., Windows XP, Mac OS X); the type of web browser you use (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox); and other incidental matters such as screen resolution and the language setting of your browser.
  2. Use of statistical information
    The statistical information referred to above will be viewable by Site administrators and Home Loan Shop staff.
  3. Cookies
    This Site generates persistent session cookies for the purpose of monitoring Site usage and for identifying logged in users. The cookies do not collect personal information. You can disable them or clear them out of the web browser you are using to view this Site, however if you were logged in to the Site you will be logged out and will need to login again in order to complete certain tasks such as finishing an incomplete loan application or to delete your data.
Rights of access and correction
  1. Your rights
    Under the Privacy Act 1993, you have the right to access and to request correction of any of your personal information provided to The Home Loan Shop Ltd in connection with your use of this Site. If you would like to see the personal information relating to you that The Home Loan Shop Ltd has stored, or to change such personal information, or if you have any concerns regarding your privacy, please contact us at the address set out below. The Home Loan Shop Ltd may require proof of your identity before being able to provide you with any personal information. You may also view and destroy the personal data relating to you by logging in on the Site.
The Home Shop Ltd
PO Box 24305
Wellington, New Zealand
Phone: 0508 562 674

  1. Privacy Commissioner
    If you are not satisfied with our response to any privacy-related concern you may have, you can contact the Privacy Commissioner:
Office of the Privacy Commissioner
PO Box 10-094
Wellington, New Zealand
Phone: 04 474 7590
Enquiries Line (from Auckland): 302 8655
Enquiries Line (from outside Auckland): 0800 803 909
Fax: 04 474 7595

Last modified: 24 August 2017
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